Engineers use kBridge to implement visual configuration: linking business and configuration rules with geometric models within an intuitive environment.

The power of visual configuration

What is visual configuration? Visual configuration links underlying rules, designs and objects directly to a graphically interactive user interface. Every selection, every move by the application developer modifies the models and the overall designs at the heart of the project – modifications that drive the engineering rules embodied in the design. The interface itself establishes, constrains and guides users in their graphical interaction with the solution, making life easier for them.

Visual configuration links underlying rules, designs and objects directly to a graphically interactive user interface.

A true 2D or 3D model that you can interact with is extremely powerful. When you can show the user a 2D or 3D model of a solution and literally let them directly interact with it, problem solving becomes much easier and more compelling!

The visual configuration interface that we present to project developers draws on 30 years of experience in the creation of design automation and configuration solutions. Every area on the screen optimized for two functions: (a) provide the means to express engineering rules and (b) show the effect of those rules on the design project.

A unique capability, Snap-Drag™, provides rules-driven drag and drop that works from a rich library of options. Snap-Drag™ allows users to select and drag features to move or place them. Dynamic dimensioning shows their location, and every snap point contains its own intelligence.

Best of all, Knowledge Bridge developers can leverage Snap-Drag™ and an arsenal of visual communication interface objects into apps for end-users. Intelligent connections enforce the engineering rules behind the app – for example, non-technical end-users cannot connect an under-powered motor to a given conveyor design – or ask for an under-engineered roof in a high-snow location.


All of the smarts and the engineering rule capture occurs without any conventional programming.

Visual configuration offers extraordinary functionality. At the same time, it is highly engaging, even fun for users. It draws them ever closer to a kBridge-based solution. Visual configuration helps your people create valid and automatic solutions to even the most complex engineering steps required for a custom product.

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