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Because Knowledge Bridge captures and automates your configuration and engineering rules, it enables a wider range of people - salespeople, partners, customers - to create accurate, valid quotes without overloading your application engineers. kBridge also enables fast customer response and the creation of compelling quotes that include custom documents, 2D drawings, 3D models, renderings, and more.

A typical sales engineering
cycle and common questions

A typical sales engineering cycle for complex, configurable products is optimized and made better through the use of kBridge's rules-driven configuration power.
Duct routing as with most MEP applications, requires the kind of rules-driven configuration power found in Knowledge Bridge.
Duct routing as with most MEP applications, requires the kind of rules-driven configuration power found in Knowledge Bridge.

Sales engineering automation for
complex product configuration

How Knowledge Bridge alleviates the challenges of quoting complex products

Customized, branded, tailored quotes and drawings are generated by Knowledge Bridge no matter how complex the product.
Knowledge Bridge helps you deliver tailored quotes and proposals in a fraction of the time

Have you worried about the time and cost involved in generating quotes? Knowledge Bridge makes it easy to provide your customers with detailed, customized proposals, drawings, and other engineered product information more quickly and with lower cost than you ever thought possible. Bring your engineers to the point of sale without any travel expense. Capture engineering knowledge in Knowledge Bridge.

Knowledge Bridge is built to manage complex products, eliminate guesswork, and build accurate proposals.
Knowledge Bridge helps you manage complex products, eliminate guesswork, and deliver accurate proposals

Your company provides your customers with just the right product for very particular requirements. Knowledge Bridge's powerful rules and knowledge-driven engine make sure that a proposed product meets customer needs.Backed by the speed of cloud-based computing, even the most complex products can be configured correctly in moments. With kBridge, you can eliminate sales engineering backlogs.

Sales engineers and salespeople are able to do more and deliver more compelling, visually stunning proposals using Knowledge Bridge.
With built-in 3D graphics as well as integration with CAD systems, kBridge shows your customers what their proposed product looks like

From rendered 3D models to detailed, dimensioned CAD drawings, kBridge delivers the kinds of materials that will give your proposals an edge up on the competition. All without expensive and time-consuming hands-on drafting and layout.

Your proposals will be more effective and accurate using the configuration power of Knowledge Bridge.
Knowledge Bridge enables clear communication of customer requirements and proposed solutions

Selling complex products depends on clear communications around what your customers want. And you need to have your customers understand what you are proposing. kBridge makes these easy. It automatically outputs detailed proposal documents and eliminates costly mistakes traceable to poor communications. Cut down on back and forth communications and reduce the time required for your customers to get to "yes!"

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