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Converting an existing Inventor ETO application is easy with kBridge's conversion utilities.
Converting an existing Inventor ETO application is easy with kBridge's conversion utilities.

Automated Inventor ETO Conversion

Engineering Intent understands the needs of Inventor ETO customers better than anyone else. After all, as the original creator of Intent - which became Inventor ETO after its sale to Autodesk - we understand how that system was able to capture the proprietary knowledge and engineering rules built into an Inventor ETO application. We know first-hand how critical hard-working automation applications work.

Knowledge Bridge is the successor to Intent. It is strengthened by its new modern, cloud-based platform and new capabilities, such as Snap-Drag™ interactive graphical positioning. Inventor ETO applications, though workstation-based, can be migrated to this new environment using our IKS to kBridge Conversion Utility. A high degree of functionality can be converted automatically. Knowledge Bridge retains a great deal of the DNA of Intent/Inventor ETO. Of course, there are differences, mainly found in the improvements and new features of Knowledge Bridge.

Benefits of switching to Knowledge Bridge

  • Global accessibility thanks to the move from the desktop to the cloud

  • High-speed, browser-based graphics lessens the frequency and need for Inventor interactions

  • Generation of drawings (AutoCAD format) without the need for any connection to any CAD

  • Direct integration with Revit - critical for manufacturers who deal with BIM

  • Optimized integrated visual rule authoring environment - no more Visual Studio

  • Integrated, out of the box custom UI generation, with Snap-Drag drag and drop capabilities

  • Direct export to Excel, Word and PDF right from the web

  • Low-cost, easy deployment to large engineering or sales teams

  • No more platform/software updates

Conversion Utility

The IKS to kBridge Conversion Utility is built into kBridge. Simply point it at the IKS files and it converts to Knowledge Bridge Source. Note that improvements have been made to kBridge so that the conversion rate is about 90%, saving potentially hours, days, weeks... even man-years in the conversion process.

The following example shows a source .iks file on the left, with the resulting kBridge design on the right. Though simple, this shows the critical functionality that enables automated conversion that significantly reduces the time and pain of moving from a dead-end environment to a modern, robust, and highly capable environment designed for the future.

An example of an Intent Language IKS file ready to be converted to Knowledge Bridge.
A view of Knowledge Bridge showing the results of converting an Intent IKS file.

Click on each image above for a larger view

Free evaluation and roadmap

For a limited time, Engineering Intent is offering Inventor ETO customers a free evaluation of their existing automation applications, resulting in a Conversion Roadmap. The Roadmap provides a plan for conversion, highlights the benefits of moving to Knowledge Bridge, and identifies challenges.

We’d be happy to show you how

Contact Us to put things in motion. We'll let you know the information that we need, and we'll arrange to have one of our Inventor ETO/Intent specialists visit your office to make sure that we understand your needs and the scope of your existing Inventor ETO application. Or start out with a free, one-on-one demo.

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