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Design Engineering Automation for Highly Configurable Products

February 8, 2021

Manufacturers of highly configurable products want to maximize engineering resources. By capturing knowledge and decision-making, the newest best-in-class engineering automation software speeds development of subsequent design iterations. Automating rules for engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturers configures custom versions; these technologies allow custom products to reach markets faster and with less friction. More compelling proposals, higher quality products, and reduced engineering costs provide a rapid ROI (return on investment).

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Advanced but Simple-to-Use 3D Generative Design Software

February 3, 2021

Abdul Montaqim, editor of Robotics & Automation News, interviews Scott Heide, Founder and CEO of Engineering Intent Corporation.


They discuss the use of Knowledge Bridge, a cloud-driven, rules-based software that addresses the challenges of the engineering requirements in Design Automation and Engineered-to-Order product quoting and order processing for complex products.


Montaqim digs into a number of important questions that Heide addresses, including usability, application industries, app costs, scalability, future uses for the technology, and the relationship between kBridge and conventional CAD.

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Solutions that Streamline and Automate your ETO Business

February 2, 2021

"In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we're talking to Scott Heide, Founder and CEO at Engineering Intent Corporation about “Solutions that Streamline and Automate your Engineer-To-Order Business”.  Get the answers to your “Efficiency” questions along with Scott's unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!"

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The Marriage of Engineering and Sales Automation

January 18, 2021

"Many questions regarding sales of custom-engineered products require highly technical answers. Most can be answered automatically with the right rules-based system."

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Automating the Costly RFQ Process

January 18, 2021

"ETO automation success starts with clear communication of a customer’s requirements. Proposed solutions must meet those requirements. Automating engineering and design steps means simplified management of modifications and nuances to documents."

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Automating the RFQ Process

January 18, 2021

"Modifying RFQs becomes quite simple allowing prospects' inputs which include a fully engineered, accurately costed, graphically communicative quote."

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