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In the more than four decades that Engineer to Order technology has been around, it's been constrained to standalone, computational-intensive applications installed on hefty local machines. This created a limiting infrastructure that has hindered the expansion of ETO to sales – or any other department – because expensive licenses of ETO and CAD systems were required. ETO simply could not be economically distributed.

kBridge breaks these distribution boundaries with its cloud-based, graphically-intuitive, drag-and-drop capabilities.

CAD: only when you need it

Traditional ETO systems made it difficult to do anything without a CAD program attached.

To circumvent that need, we built a fast, web-native graphics engine in kBridge. This engine offers a huge percentage of CAD capabilities, ready to work for your engineers, salespeople, and customers.

With Snap-Drag™ drag-and-drop capabilities and the power of Visual Configuration, kBridge goes beyond ETO into the realm of EPQ™ (Engineer/Price/Quote). And with built-in drawing (DWG) generation capabilities, you can go even farther.

Of course, if you need or want CAD, we have out-of-the-box Autodesk Inventor and Revit integration, built-in AutoCAD drawing generation, and more integrations on the way. You can have as much engineer-to-order CAD-based functionality as you need.

Knowledge Bridge has out-of-the-box integrations with many CAD systems, including Revit, Inventor, Solidworks, and more.

Have Browser? Engineer away.

Since kBridge was born on the web, it means you're no longer constrained by desktop applications to get hardcore engineering work done.

Your sales team will get more done without having to go back to the office or haul expensive notebooks loaded with bloated CAD programs. Browser-based and driven by proven cloud technologies, kBridge changes how and where your enterprise engineering knowledge can be put to work.

An engineer uses Knowledge Bridge to implement engineer-to-order technology in a cloud-based platform.
An engineer uses Knowledge Bridge to implement engineer-to-order technology in a cloud-based platform.

ETO in the Cloud

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