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The House Framing Configurator test drive is powered by Knowledge Bridge, a state-of-the-art product configuration platform.

House configurator test drive

​Try your hand at driving this simple application. It was built with Knowledge Bridge – and the user interface was created there as well. Change the house configuration by modifying any of the parameters in the menu.

As you change things, Knowledge Bridge ensures that the house remains within design constraints built in to the system. It also can generate up-to-date Quotes and BOMs (bills of material) at any time with the click of a button.

Visit using your desktop or notebook system to try the kBridge Test Drive. It was built with Knowledge Bridge and it enables you to customize a simple house configuration by modifying a number of design parameters. While kBridge can be run on a mobile device, the Test Drive requires sufficient screen real-estate to work effectively. moment. loading your test drive...

True generative design, not made by manipulating a master model.

Scroll through key features and benefits using the left and right arrows at each end of the bar under the menu/graphics viewport.

Click the info button ("i") in that bar for details, including links to related videos and web pages.

Knowledge Bridge Graphical Controls

Knowledge Bridge provides a rich set of controls for interactive visual configuration.



Hidden lines invisible

Hidden lines dashed

Perspective view

Orthographic view

Download PDF

Shaded with edges

Pan mode



Zoom to window

Selection mode

Zoom to extents

Return to home view

Drag & Snap-Drag    mode

Field of view slider

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