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Case Studies

Knowledge Bridge At Work

Knowledge Bridge is at work every day, streamlining sales and engineering at companies that offer custom engineered products.

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New Zealand based Monkeytoe uses kBridge to engineer and sell HVAC platforms. Designing platforms requires rules around geometry, engineering, localized building standards,  materials noise and vibration -- and a lot more. See how Monkeytoe makes its platforms smart, safe and compliant.

"Reducing turnaround time from a few days to a few hours puts us miles ahead of the competition."

Monkeytoe HVAC platform

Super Radiator Coils

US-based Super Radiator Coils has deployed its Enterprise App to automate sales processes. A big piece of that app exploits how Knowledge Bridge can bring rule-based, interactive graphics into sales and engineering automation. Now, to-scale submittal drawings can be done in seconds rather than hours or days. The same 3D geometry that’s behind the drawings can be sent downstream for design and manufacturing needs once the sale is closed.

"We’ve seen a large drop in the number of errors or incomplete inputs since implementing our App"

Super Radiator Coils product
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