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A team moves beyond CPQ (configure price quote) with Knowledge Bridge's EPQ (engineer price quote) technology.

EPQ™ - Engineer, price, quote

Going beyond CPQ with EPQ™

For some time, CPQ - Configure Price Quote - has been a standard of sales automation for companies that offer highly configurable products.

But CPQ fails for more complex products, where the necessary engineering rules and calculations are beyond the ability of the CPQ system. For companies with highly complex products, the limitations of CPQ can result in labor-intensive, time-consuming work to review, correct, and – the worst of all worlds – find engineering resources to re-design inadequate configurations.

​Knowledge Bridge is a revolutionary tool that offers Engineer Price Quote solutions – solutions that engineer, not just configure. EPQ™ goes beyond CPQ by managing engineering rule-driven behaviors in highly configurable, complex products.

Can your CPQ platform do this?

  • Change material composition and designs based on structural calculations around load, temperature, volume, or other requirements.

  • Replace standard product assembly structures with entirely different ones to meet non-standard operating conditions.

  • Utilize complex engineering calculations to drive the selection of product options.

  • Allow drag and drop repositioning of product elements – and still have every element constrained by product and engineering rules.

Do you need to do more with automation?

  • Generate customized, dimensioned, detailed drawings that give your customers the information they need to make fully-informed buying decisions.

  • Provide two or more configurations, each one fully costed, documented, and detailed, and all done in less time than you now spend on a single quote.

  • Calculate the true cost of a proposed product configuration, not from guesstimates, but from dead-on cost rollups that take into account every design detail.

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