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We have a team of consultants ready to get to work with you to solve your product configuration challenges.
We have a team of consultants ready to get to work with you to solve your product configuration challenges.

Consulting Services

Enterprise-wide and turnkey systems development

If you prefer taking charge of a complete solution, you can benefit from our turnkey services. With a turnkey approach, your resources can stay totally focused on your own internal processes. We plug you into a formal process that includes discovery of areas best served by engineering automation, development of applications with the best business return, and planned rollout that includes training of your people to make the best of your system. 


Our staff includes architects of enterprise-wide systems, solutions that are in daily use at global companies. In addition, we offer analysts that are well versed in the interdepartmental nature of systems-based applications. Finally, we have team builders that can partner with you to build highly optimized systems. Bottom line, thanks to decades of experience, we know how to help.

Development team augmentation

If you want to speed your system development—or just need extra resources on a project—you can contract with us for coding and development needs. We have a worldwide pool of expert sales and engineering automation programmers who can handle everything from routine code to highly specialized custom routines.

Your new resources can be virtual, working out of their own locations, or they can work at your site. As a benefit when things get really tough, our people can use our networking and communications infrastructure to confer with high-value Engineering Intent experts.

As a further benefit, our experience allows us to anticipate and prevent common problems in automation code development, helping to bring your project to fruition with minimum risk and maximum speed.

Strategic Solution Roadmap Development

The development of a true enterprise-scale engineering automation solution can involve a lot of moving parts and pieces. From the capture and integration of the engineering-based content, to integration with other systems such as CRM and ERP, to the impact on roles and processes, a strategic roadmap is often critical to success.

Engineering Intent offers proven and valuable experience in working closely with organizations, large and small. We help you analyze the impact of enterprise automation and build strategic roadmaps to guide the project from initial whiteboarding through deployment and ongoing maintenance.

More than just engineering

While engineering automation applications are obviously focused on capturing and automation engineering processes and knowledge, an enterprise-scale solution typically impacts people and departments well beyond engineering.

For example:

  • Costing and pricing can be integrated with ERP systems

  • Data for the factory can be integrated into CAM and robotic systems automation

  • External sales and distributor organizations can benefit from new, often interactive enterprise web pages 

  • New ways to accomplish engineering usually require training and process change

  • The ongoing ‘care and feeding’ of a strategic system must be anticipated well before deployment begins


For all of these reasons and more, a strategic roadmap guides an organization to a successful rollout, leveraging its investment in the technology by paving a clear path to the future.

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