You can take a Test Drive of Knowledge Bridge, and find out how it delivers powerful configurator technology.

Take a test drive
of Knowledge Bridge

House Configurator test drive, driven by Knowledge Bridge
House Configurator

Design your own home. See what different roof styles look like. Change the dimensions and the footprint. Increase the structure for snowload conditions. Drag a door to allowable locations. Turn the roof and sheathing on and change the materials.

Conveyor Builder

Build a simple conveyor using any number and combination of curved and straight segments. Change component dimensions and see which changes apply globally or just to the selected element. View a drawing with an automatically-generated titleblock.

Checkers Game

Play a game of checkers. (You play against yourself, not the computer.) kBridge constrains where you can play, all based on whatever 'configuration' the board is in. This is a simple demonstration of the power of kBridge's Snap-Drag™ capability.

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Engineering Intent is the World's Leading Provider of Enterprise Engineering Automation Tools and Solutions. We've been helping companies tame their complex product configuration solutions for decades. 


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