Within the Engineering Automation industry, there have been some significant changes. Autodesk announced that as of December 2016, Inventor ETO is discontinued.

​This raises many questions for those who have applications based on Inventor ETO, and for those who might be considering expansion or upgrade of existing systems.

In the meantime, Engineering Intent, the original creator of Intent, which through acquisition became Inventor ETO, has released a new, state-of-the-art, cloud-based engineering automation platform: Knowledge Bridge.

As the world's leading provider of enterprise engineering automation solutions, Engineering Intent is in a unique position to advise companies on these issues. Our extensive experience with all of the leading automation tools provides us with in-depth knowledge of how applications that are currently based on Inventor ETO can be transitioned to other platforms

Free Evaluation and Roadmap

For a limited time, Engineering Intent is offering Inventor ETO customers a free evaluation of their existing automation applications. It includes a Conversion Roadmap that shows you a plan for conversion, highlights the benefits of moving to Knowledge Bridge, and identifies challenges.

Contact Us to put things in motion.


Inventor End-of-Life

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