Autodesk Inventor® ETO-Based Products

The Engineering Intent Standard Library for Autodesk Inventor® ETO

The Engineering Intent Standard Library is a package that contains a broad range of objects, methods, and functions for use with Autodesk Inventor® ETO.


Our Standard Library offers significant shortcuts to development by encapsulating solutions to development challenges that our personnel have seen multiple times. 




  • Drawing tools that enhance and simplify Inventor ETO’s dimensioning, view scaling, part list formatting, callouts and more

  • The Engineering Intent UI (user interface), a powerful set of objects that wrap Inventor ETO inputs with an easy-to-use interface

  • Several geometric operations around cuts, positioning, and more

  • Database query and data integration routines

  • A generator for rapid, fully-populated bills of material (BOM) independent of Inventor CAD operations

Free upgrades for one year

You receive free upgrades for one year after purchase, with an available maintenance subscription available after that. You benefit from any enhancements to functionality that we develop.

Available as source code

You have the option of purchasing source code for the Standard Library, allowing you to modify it internally for specific requirements. 

Inventor ETO-Based Products

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