Live Webinar Event - Tuesday, May 2nd at 10 am EST

In 1 hour, learn how to automate HVAC equipment design and create compelling and accurate sales proposals in minutes

Tuesday, May 2nd at 10 am EST

During this free live seminar you will learn about the emerging technology for engineering automation, specifically:





How to capture IP knowledge and best practices in a central platform for automation - especially from your industry veterans

How to automate the proposal process and extend the number of people who can create a quote by providing a guided solution

How to dramatically reduce the number of hours from sale to the manufacturing floor with automated design, drawings, BOMS and factory routers

How to increase quality by reducing hand-offs and change related to data entry error

The HVAC systems market is mature, with relatively limited differentiation from brand to brand. A key differentiator is flexibility to fine tune systems to meet the specific requirements of an application.


But how can you achieve flexibility AND keep engineering cost and lead times low?

Siemens Rulestream is a software platform that captures enterprise knowledge and uses it to automate key engineering and business processes, like coil and air handler design. Say goodbye to a long, expensive quote/proposal process and hello to a huge savings in man-hours on custom engineered orders.​​

We will walk you through real world examples of engineering automation in the HVAC world, like this one:

HVAC Manufacturer uses Rulestream to land the largest USA commercial HVAC order in history for the One World Trade Center building in New York City

"When considering participation in the World Trade Center project, the aggressive schedule for delivery of the first verification test unit as well as design completion for all the required model sizes was a big concern. However, the ability to use the flexibilityof the Rulestream environment, with its automated engineering documentation outputs, ensured that we would fulfill our customer’s delivery needs."


Director of Engineering

Tuesday, May 2nd at 10 am EST

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