Live Webinar Event - Tuesday, April 4th at 10am ET

Autodesk is shutting down sales of Inventor ETO.

In 1 hour learn how to develop a plan to keep your engineer-to-order platform thriving into the future.

Tuesday, April 4th at 10am ET

On December 7th, 2016 Autodesk announced that it has ended the sale of Inventor ETO. Does your company have a clear plan of action to maintain your ETO application? If not, Engineering Intent may be able to help.


Engineering Intent can guide your transition from Inventor ETO to a platform that has strong support. 

On this 1 hour webinar you will learn:


The current landscape of the engineer-to-order software market and how it may affect your business


How to evaluate your current state and decide on next steps



How Engineering Intent works in partnership with our customers to guide them through successful engineer-to-order platform implementations

Our recommendation on the current state-of-the-art engineer-to-order tools

Presented By:

with Scott Heide, CEO

Engineering Intent

Wausau Windows Transitions from Inventor ETO to Rulestream with the help of Engineering Intent.

Well into its planning last last fall, Wausau became concerned about the future of Inventor ETO. Using Engineering Intent as a trusted adviser, the company quickly re-mapped its plans.
It wanted to re-engineer its systems with the objective of coalescing them into a comprehensive top-down engineering and sales automation solution. 

With Engineering Intent's input, Wausau carefully considered all of its options and ultimately decided to move ahead on Rulestream.

Image courtesy of  Bass Adler, Thornton Tomasetti

Tuesday, April 4th at 10am ET

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