Inventor ETO End-of-Life Conversion and Transition

Within the Engineering Automation industry, there have been some recent significant changes. Autodesk has downgraded its support and commitments going forward for Inventor ETO. Autodesk announced that as of December, 2016, Inventor ETO will no longer be available for new customers. Autodesk promises to support current customers who have active maintenance contracts and who renew annual subscriptions.

This raises many questions for anyone considering engineering automation applications, for those who already have applications based on Inventor ETO, and for those who might be considering expansion or upgrade of existing systems.

As the world's leading provider of enterprise engineering automation solutions, Engineering Intent is in a unique position to advise companies on these issues. Our extensive experience with all of the leading automation tools provides us with in-depth knowledge of how applications that are currently based on Inventor ETO can be transitioned to other platforms

Inventor ETO: Considering the Options

We think there is now a significant need to move beyond Inventor ETO. Given that many of our staff created the Inventor ETO product (or worked directly with you to implement applications via consulting services), we are in a unique position to offer guidance going forward.  

Plus, as the leading worldwide provider of enterprise-scale engineering automation applications, we are well positioned to help you map your next moves.
For many, it might make sense to stay with Inventor ETO and ride it as far as it will go. For others, now might be the time to consider other options. We have extensive experience with virtually every toolset that is available, and can help you choose among them.

Among the options: Rulestream from Siemens PLM, detailed below. 

Our goal is simply to understand your business goals and help you achieve them in the best means possible.

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Tools With a Future: Rulestream

There are a number of tools for engineering automation that are likely to be around for a long time. One that is uppermost in our estimation is Rulestream from Siemens PLM

The product’s pedigree is a sound one. Among Siemens PLM's other products are NX (formerly Unigraphics) and Solid Edge CAD, Teamcenter product lifetime management system, and Tecnomatix for manufacturing planning, simulation and production management.
The key underlying positive for Rulestream is its future. Siemens has a long, successful history with enterprise software, operations, and management. 

Among its business units are huge manufacturing enterprises and providers of top-class enterprise software. Overall, the company possesses a tremendous intellectual property storehouse of methodologies and enterprise planning.

Employed Within Siemens

Best of all, Siemens has employed Rulestream in a growing number of mission-critical systems at many of its engineering and manufacturing business groups and subsidiaries. 

Uniquely, the company's top management understands and applauds the technical and business benefits of engineering automation. Based on this kind of internal acceptance, we're convinced that Rulestream is here to stay.

Solid Functionality and Usability

On the technical front, Rulestream has similar fundamental functionality to Inventor ETO, but extends native capability to many further platforms and integrations - Solid Edge, NX, Teamcenter, Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD - DWG, and Visio. 

Plus, finally, it has extensive customization capabilities for integration with other CAD solutions, as well as PLM, ERP, and other enterprise systems--in fact, we at Engineering Intent are adding Inventor to the list.
Rulestream captures rules and relationships via a forms-based graphical rule authoring environment that is ideal for non-programmer engineering and business experts.

More information on Rulestream: Siemens PLM Rulestream Engineer-to-Order

Engineering Intent is a Siemens PLM Implementation Partner.

Inventor End-of-Life