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Automate the To Order
in Engineer To Order 


Beat the Costs and Challenges of Customization

Using Knowledge Bridge, you can prepare quotes and proposals for your engineered to order products faster, easier, with fewer mistakes, and without taking time from expert engineers. Prepare an order for manufacturing in less time, with less cost and with fewer mistakes.

Engineers use Knowledge Bridge to capture business, engineering, geometric and other rules for engineer-to-order applications.
Fabrication of engineered-to-order products benefits from Knowledge Bridge's rule automation.

Automate Engineered Configuration

Knowledge Bridge's unified approach incorporates configuration, engineering, geometric and business rules to automate the design of engineered to order products as well as the creation of proposals, drawings, 3D models, and even CNC.

3D, Visual, Easy to Use Technology

The kBridge 3D Visual solution enables fully automated and graphically interactive automation solutions, making it easy easy for non-experts to configure complex products quickly, easily, and anywhere.

Subject matter experts find kBridge's 3D, visual technology easy to use, even for the most complex products.

Innovative Engineer to Order Businesses are transforming their To Order processes with Knowledge Bridge - EI's cloud-based rules-driven software

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