A game of checkers is powered by Knowledge Bridge, a state-of-the-art product configuration platform.

Checkers test drive

This self-guided demonstration shows off the Snap-Drag™ functionality of Knowledge Bridge. Snap-Drag™ is a rule-driven positioning feature that is used to ensure proper connection, orientation, and configuration. This is essential for products where options alone can't determine the outcome. Your customers will be more satisfied if they can configure your products to suit their own desired arrangements.

Play a game of checkers against yourself. (You play for both 'Team White' and 'Team Red'.) Notice that you can't move a checker to an invalid location. These are configuration constraints that are being dynamically updated as the game is played. Imagine how this feature could be applied to your complex, configurable products.

Visit using your desktop or notebook system to try the kBridge Test Drive. It was built with Knowledge Bridge and it enables you to customize a simple house configuration by modifying a number of design parameters. While kBridge can be run on a mobile device, the Test Drive requires sufficient screen real-estate to work effectively.

Knowledge Bridge Graphical Controls

Knowledge Bridge provides a rich set of controls for interactive visual configuration.



Hidden lines invisible

Hidden lines dashed

Perspective view

Orthographic view

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Shaded with edges

Pan mode



Zoom to window

Selection mode

Zoom to extents

Return to home view

Drag & Snap-Drag    mode

Field of view slider