You benefit directly from the ability of engineering automation to capture and then automatically re-use engineering rules and procedures.

Our clients have seen...

  • Dramatically faster response to sales opportunities… they see a 10:1 to 100:1 compression of per-sale engineering time

  • Greatly increased engineering and technical consistency… they gain automatic application of their company’s best engineering practices

  • Decreased cost of quality… they avoid oversights and errors

  • Better visibility into costs and margins for better pricing decisions… because computers can track more and total costs better than humans

  • Instant increase in sales resources who can create an accurate and valid quote… because their custom user interfaces allow non-technical people to harness “engineers in a box”

  • Dramatically reduced engineering time and costs… because their rules and computations are complete and automatic

  • Shepherding of intellectual property… because they capture the lore in the heads of retiring engineers

  • More compelling proposals and quotes… stronger because they are specific and accurate

  • Instant production of exact-fit proposal graphics and drawings… they can show their customers exactly what they will get

  • Incredibly fast what-if designs and responses to customer demands… thanks to highly flexible technical solutions

  • Faster delivery of key drawings and data to manufacturing… literally driven directly from fully designed and engineered projects

  • Faster delivery of products to customers… thanks to faster manufacturing

  • Ability to free your engineering resources from mundane work... letting them focus on creative and unique solutions to expand their markets

Benefits of Engineering Automation

We have a growing body of reference clients who can show you how they gain from the multiple benefits of enterprise engineering automation. When you meet with us, ask about them!

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