Modern Anti-Aging Techniques

Do you want to have that flawless wrinkle free skin? Are you tired of going to regular checkups and paying hefty fees to look and feel young? No one can stop the process of aging and certainly, no one can beat death. However, there are modern ways to help you age gracefully and live a long and healthy life. Listed below are some of the best anti aging products and techniques.

Anti Aging Therapies. Hormones play an important role in aging. Hormonal levels decline as we age. Modern anti-aging therapies hope to reverse the process of aging by administering regulated doses of these hormones.

Dehydroepiandrosterone commonly known as DHEA is a hormone that plays an important role in the production of estrogen and testosterone. Sex hormones usually decline after menopause in women. Same is true with men when the reach andropause. Studies show that the declining levels of DHEA in the blood stream is one of the factors that can cause Alzheimer’s disease. To replace the depleted sex hormone level, doctors suggest a hormonal replacement therapy where low doses of testosterone and estrogen is administered regularly. Testosterone for men and estrogen for women.

Melatonin is responsible for our body clock. It is the hormone that regulates the sleep and wake pattern of an individual. Aside from that, this ancient hormone is also a natural anti-oxidant. It helps the body pump out free radical from our system giving you a fresh start the next day. Ever wonder why you feel so rested when you sleep? It is because of melatonin. It rejuvenates your body. The decreasing levels in melatonin in older adults contributes to the normal aging process of the body. Anti-aging therapies suggest that increasing the melatonin levels in older adults can help decrease the rate of the aging process.

Another controversial anti-aging therapy is the use of human growth hormone or HGH. HGH is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland to support the growth and development from infancy to adolescence. However, when you reach 40 to 60, your pituitary gland slows down the production of HGH. Studies show that HGH administered on older adults can help reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. However, little is known on its effect on the actual aging process. It is a good way to look youthful and fit though.

These are just some of the modern anti-aging therapies that are used today to fight aging. Gerontological research has paved way to the rise of these modern anti-aging therapies. As we dig deeper, we find more ways to prolong life and increase our mental and physiological health.

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